Linux is essentially a commercial operating system similar to UNIX. Unlike UNIX, Linux is open-source and has greater versatility.


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When it comes to learning Linux in Faridabad, there is no alternative to Unique ERP classes. Our training modules are structured, comprehensible, professionally viable, and economically affordable. Linux is an open source OS that is capable of handling activities of multiple users simultaneously.

What is Linux?

Linux is essentially a commercial operating system similar to UNIX. Unlike UNIX, Linux is open-source and has greater versatility. UNIX is specifically meant for server based architectures while Linux is applicable for personal computers, laptops, tablets and even smartphones in addition to servers.

What is the significance of Linux courses?

Availability, versatility, adaptability, and affordability form the foundation of any operating system particularly when competition is tough and risks involved are too high. Linux is one OS which has these qualities and hence in great demand across business segments and institutions. Linux allows multitasking, i.e. allowing more than one function to be performed simultaneously using the same infrastructure. Its adaptability quality enables it to be run on several hardware formats.

After completing Linux classes in Faridabad, you are certain to possess a thorough and comprehensive idea about this operating system. This is one OS that allows multi-tasking from the same system.

Linux classes at Unique ERP

Our tutorial classes being structured is easy to understand for beginners. Our Linux learning module is based on true life situations and offers a real programming experience. You are already a few steps ahead of other available Linux tutorial programs when you get enrolled at Unique. We lay emphasis on ultimate execution of a problem instead of merely stressing on the features of an OS, particularly one which has enormous commercial significance.

Faculty of this tutorial is carefully chosen from different disciplines so as to offer our students more practically viable lessons. The teachers not only highlight the theoretical importance of different aspects of Linux but also their true to life implications.

On completion of our Linux training modules you would not only be enriched theoretically but also its practical viability.

Linux Course and Duration

Course Duration
Linux 60 Days

Training Available

Regular Classes

Daily 2 hrs
1 hr Theory + 1 hr Practical

Weekend Classes

Saturday & Sunday
3 hrs to 4 hrs

Sunday Classes

Flexible hours according to you between 10 AM to 6 PM

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