SAP Training Gives Your Career an Edge in the Business Management of IT industries

Unique ERP, a Faridabad based IT software training academy have charted out brilliant training programs for students in domains of SAP training.


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SAP training imparted by well-trained faculty is focused on live projects to give a first-hand experience of working on global SAP-based projects. With the best of training you can find great career avenues in SAP software development. You can spearhead a company in digital marketing in the role of a SAP consultant.

In short SAP training in Faridabad is the best route to secure jobs in the vast IT and software industry. Few of them have been listed here:

SAP Solution Development Consultant

SAP Developer

Business Process Analyst

Senior Software Engineer

Pre-sales Consultant

Sales Manager

What is SAP?

SAP translates to Systems, Applications and Products. SAP is a German company whose revolutionary SAP solution has been lending a helping hand to companies to track customers and business interactions.

Tracking helps to optimize and fine tune working methods of a company. Hence SAP system has emerged a popular choice for company owners (and management team) across the world for regular business operations and reporting.

Why SAP Training is Essential?

In modern times, each and every company has become extremely particular about business operations and management. The top priorities include studying, tracking and optimizing individual aspects of business functions related to:



Product Planning



Employee Life Cycle

The best way to optimize is to get hold of an enterprise system that can effectively merge innumerable departments of a business organisation. Creating a SAP hub in the company is the only solution which can accord a seamless union of all departments. Moreover, it helps to differentiate working areas from the non-functional ones.

Digital platforms are on the boom. More and more organizations are now capitalizing on web and mobile apps to stay connected to their customers as well as ensure service delivery. The virtual era has made it even more necessary for professionals to be equipped with technological skills required to keep pace with the rapidly-changing business requirements.

Now with the new normal of remote work and social distancing, organizations are forced to realize that cloud-based services are far more affordable and scalable than the on premise counterparts. This is ensured by SAP - centralizing the data is the remedy that gives a business an edge in terms of what is working and what is not.

In fact, 2020 statistics show that SAP is implemented globally in 9 out of 10 Fortune 500 companies along with an unbelievable user base of over 200 million around the world. The global SAP Application Services market size is expected to at a CAGR of 5.5% during 2021-26, from USD 34870 million in 2019 to USD 50940 by 2026.

With organizations moving towards a centralized data management approach, SAP training helps in providing an edge to the careers of aspirants. SAP aids in centralizing the data from various departments and processes; thus, ensuring the information flow remains efficient. With SAP, professionals can help organizations with –

  1. Seamless Data Management
    SAP helps data-driven organizations to organize the scattered data into a single place. Imagine having all your customer’s data centrally available to all departments?

  2. Efficient Business Operations
    Streamline your business processes – automate repetitive tasks, collect a vast amount of data, and maintain your databases efficiently with SAP.

  3. Improved Decision-making
    Accessing real-time data from a centralized location enables leaders to make more accurate decisions. It indirectly helps in reducing the overall operational costs of businesses. Implementation of SAP has already helped organizations to cut down unnecessary administrative expenses.

  4. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
    There is less delay in customer communication with better control over business information and processes. SAP ERP systems, hence, improve throughput and enhance customer service.

Besides, SAP solutions can be tailored to suit any organization’s needs, which would result into better ROI.

The rise in SAP Application Services further translate into the need for expert SAP professionals to make critical data in the SAP environment available across the organization. As an expert SAP professional you will be able to help businesses seamlessly merge all the functions so that information is just a click away.

SAP Training Courses

Unique ERP, the premier SAP learning hub offers a broad spectrum of courses which touch base major aspects of IT industries and business management framework. We offer result-oriented training to students enrolled in SAP courses in modernized classrooms (for a comfort learning experience). We cover basic to advanced level of SAP training with 100% guarantee of placement. The academic modules and programmes have been designed with optimum focus on recent developments in SAP domain.

Join the Best Institute for SAP Training

With technology advancements every day and improvements in workplace methods, there comes a dire need for aspirants to align with these changes in terms of skills, knowledge, skills, abilities, and values.

When it comes to empowering aspirants with computer education and training to make them ready for the industry, Unique ERP is known for its excellence in quality, delivery, and for consistently delivering outstanding results. Unique ERP is one of the top IT Institute in Faridabad that doesn't just provide IT training but makes all the students stand out in the competition.

Unique ERP is dedicated to providing aspirants with high-quality SAP training along with hands-on experience based on live scenarios. They have proven expertise in offering brilliant SAP courses in Faridabad to make expert professionals who are capable of guiding businesses of all sizes, and in wide-ranging industries.

As a premier SAP coaching centre in Delhi/NCR region, our modules have been designed keeping in mind recent developments in the SAP domain. Besides data management, there are various other training modules available to aspirants who are interested in the domains of Cloud Computing, Web Development & Design, Programming languages, CRMs, ERPs, Hardware & Networking, and much more. With the comfort of modernized classrooms, the institute is focused on providing result-oriented training.

The SAP training modules are extensive to cater to different business needs including Material Management, Financial; Accounting, Production, Maintenance, HANA, Customer relationship management, Enterprise portal, and much more.

SAP Course and Duration

Course Duration
SAP Modules 30 Days

Training Available

Regular Classes

Daily 2 hrs
1 hr Theory + 1 hr Practical

Weekend Classes

Saturday & Sunday
3 hrs to 4 hrs

Sunday Classes

Flexible hours according to you between 10 AM to 6 PM

Job Roles that You Can Pursue After Course Completion

The importance of SAP Modules is growing at a rapid rate achieving significant and sustainable growth leading to a huge demand for SAP professionals belonging to functional and technical domains as well as architects and developers.

SAP training at UniqueERP is imparted by some of the well-experienced professionals in the industry that is highly centred on live projects to give students a first-hand experience of how global SAP-based projects work. With the best of training aspirants can explore greater career avenues as a SAP consultant. Some of them are –

SAP Solution Development Consultant

ABAP Developer

SAP Developer

Business Process Analyst

Senior Software Engineer

Pre-sales Consultant

Implementation Consultant

Sales Manager

System specialist

What is Unique about Unique ERP?

Unique ERP is one of the best-known IT coaching centres in Faridabad that continues to stand by its commitment to provide timely, consistent, and responsive training to its students. What distinguishes Unique ERP from other institutes are –

  1. Experienced Trainers – who have profound knowledge related to the courses
  2. Best Placement Network – that can help aspirants kick-start their careers in a MNC
  3. Latest platforms – that help students stay updated with the latest software versions.
  4. Live Projects – which enable hands-on experience to make them more confident and proficient.

If you are looking for job-oriented training programs in IT, then you are definitely in the right place. Unique ERP is rated as one of the best institutes for SAP Training in Faridabad, equipped with facilities and infrastructure to provide the students with real-time experience and SAP certification. With an excellent record of providing placement opportunities in premier organizations to support for their students, Unique ERP offers all the requisite tools and expertise team of faculties one needs to transform their career as a successful IT professional.

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