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Web Development Training in Faridabad: Make Your Dreams Come

Unique ERP is the professional institute for web development course in Faridabad. With best skills learnt you can find a high salaried job as a web developer. Web designing and development go hand in hand. Knowledge in web designing is the first step towards web development.

The emergence of ecommerce and mobile technology has increased the demand of web developers all throughout the world. Their responsibility is to design and code websites right from the layout stage to addition of awesome functionality to the site.

The main task of a web developer is to create visually stunning websites which have a clearly navigable web page structure with user-friendly design and is high on UX for the online visitors.

What is Web Development?

Website development is all about designing of the site, making it functional and creating the finest user experience when it is hosted over the Internet.

The front-end web developing professionals focus only on the smart look of a website. They are primarily responsible for the layout of the site and integration of graphics within it. They also have the task to write website designing programmes in multiple computer programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, etc.

The back-end web developers handle the technical aspects of the site which includes its robustness and fast performance. These two aspects are yardsticks for judging whether the site is ready for handling load of web traffic.

Web developer can be content creators too.

Why Web Development Training is Essential?

Web development jobs can create lifetime opportunities. With Internet technology always booming with latest innovations premium career options will never cease for web developers because business houses and industrial sectors will need them all the more for developing high-end websites and smart programmes and applications for the mobile consumers.

You need world-class training to gather skills in web development to shape up your career as web application developer, web designer cum developer and .NET web applications developer.

Web Development Courses

Web developers need to have great web programming skills. Web development course includes:

HTML (the basic language for all web pages) & HTML5

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and CSS 3

Java Script and JQuery





Cross-Browser Compatibility




Security Principles

Web Services (REST/SOAP)

Web developers also need to master skills in verbal communication and teamwork. The web designing and development courses are designed as per the standards of the industry.

Web development Course Fee and Duration

Course Duration
Web development 90 Days

Training Available

Regular Classes

Daily 2 hrs
1 hr Theory + 1 hr Practical

Weekend Classes

Saturday & Sunday
3 hrs to 4 hrs

Sunday Classes

Flexible hours according to you between 10 AM to 6 PM

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